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About Us

Longthwaite House is owned and run by Dr Emma Creighton, with fantastic support from Barbara Hudson and the "Longthwaite Team" of specialist trades, family, friends and neighbours.

Dr Emma Creighton

A native of Keswick, Emma returned to Cumbria in 2011 after a university career lecturing and researching in animal behaviour and welfare. After writing and delivering an MSc course that trained clinical animal behaviourists and animal welfare assessors, she now works from home and gets her hands thoroughly dirty with the cats, horses, sheep and chickens at Longthwaite, and helps her human clients understand and resolve their animal's problem behaviour.

Emma has applied her knowledge and experience of the captive animal sector to design the animal (and human) facilities at Longthwaite, aiming to meet the species-specific needs of the animals and to create harmonious relationships with their human carers.

Her past DIY and small business experiences have been developed to become the estate management skills needed to run and maintain a small diversified farm. And it sometimes feels like rotating through all the roles in Downton Abbey on a daily basis!


Emma is also involved in animal charity work and, with Major David Montgomery, founded the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) that has co-ordinated the animal training and behaviour therapy industry into developing standards of knowledge and practice for practitioners who work with people and their pets.        See


For details of Emma's academic work see

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Barbara Hudson

Barbara keeps everybody - human and animal - in line with humour and a sensitivity borne from two decades of fostering babies for Cumbria County Council.

Bryan and Mike Abbott

Bryan and Mike keep the house and animal facilities in good working order. There hasn't been anything yet that Bry cannot fix, and Mike keeps everywhere as tidy as he can persuade everybody to be - which is no-where near as polished as he would like it!

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