Longthwaite House Cattery Booking Conditions

  1. A booking is only confirmed as an actual booking when the deposit / fee has been received by us.

  2. Bookings cannot be accepted without submission / updating of a NEW CLIENT BOOKING FORM and a CAT INFORMATION FORM for each cat.

  3. Fees may be paid via the website, or with cash / cheque (payable to Longthwaite House Animal Care Centre) at the cattery. We do not have credit card facilities at the cattery.

  4. All fees / balance of fees are payable before the cat may be collected from the cattery

  5. Any alteration to arrival or collection dates are subject to availability of chalets.

  6. Cats arriving late will be charged from the original date of booking unless by prior agreement.

  7. Each night a cat is in residence counts as a whole day for booking / collection purposes.

  8. Refunds cannot be made for early collection of cats.

  9. No cat will be accepted into the cattery without a UK contact name, address and telephone number. In the absence of the owners, the contact will be consulted over any issues arising whilst the cat is in the cattery. Owners must make the contact aware of this responsibility.

  10. Cats can only be accepted on condition they have been vaccinated for FEI / FCV / FeLV within the last 12 months and not less than four weeks prior to boarding. The vaccination certificates must be seen by us before any cat can enter the cattery.

  11. Should your cat be found to be hosting fleas or worms we will administer treatment accordingly and the person responsible for collecting the animal will at the time of collection will be liable for the cost.

  12. All cats must be in a secure basket/carrier at all times when owners bring them in and also when they are collected, as we accept no responsibility for loss or injury of unsecured cats.

  13. No dogs may be brought onto the cattery site. Please leave any dogs secure in your car.

  14. On completion of all paperwork and fee payment the cat will be taken into the cattery by our staff. Clients may enter with their cat, but to ensure the safety and health of all cats, instructions given by cattery staff must be followed closely.

  15. Clients are encouraged to bring an item of bedding for their cat as it will smell of home and help the cat settle. But all bedding must be clean and free of fleas (see above). We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to customer bedding or toys, and any destroyed bedding or toys will be disposed of. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify any persons, prior to collecting any animal(s) on their behalf, of this condition.

  16. Cats can only be entered or collected from the cattery within our open hours – Mon-Sat 9-10am or 6-7pm, Sun 9-10am only. Owners missing an opening period should attend at the next one. Any cat left longer than dates booked will be charged for each extra night of residence, payable when the cat is collected.

  17. In the event of your cat falling ill during boarding we will seek veterinary advice and treatment as outlined in our authorisation for veterinary treatment form, with all costs to be borne by the owner. This may include any veterinary call-out charges, treatment and transportation. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure there are sufficient funds (or insurance) to cover this.

  18. Owners are liable for any damage inflicted upon staff or property by their cat(s).

  19. Whilst every care and attention is given, the proprietors accept no responsibility for injury to your cat due to his/her own behavior whilst resident in the cattery.

  20. In the event of a cat not being collected within 7 days, we will try to trace / communicate with the owner / contact before proceeding with appropriate action.