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Peaceful Boarding Cattery

Dropping off / collection times
Mon-Sat  9-10am & 6-7pm

Sun 9-10am

5-star rated by Allerdale BC
Licence to Keep a Boarding
Establishment For Animals

Licencee: Dr Emma Creighton
Licence no LC202203-2001

Our 5-starred-licence boarding cattery has heated bedrooms and covered outdoor runs set in peaceful gardens behind the house. We specialise in meeting each cat's individual needs to suit their personality, and any specific dietary or medical concerns. 


"I wouldn't trust my cat to anyone else" Christine Goodwin, Shap

"Always look forward to our holidays as i know our cat Jess is going to have a superb time here. Emma looks after her brilliantly and i'm sure she doesn't want to come home. Nice and quiet surroundings. Five star."   Brian Corrigan, Wigton

The cattery chalets have raised bedrooms with comfortable bedding and a heat
amp, and covered outside runs in the fresh air overlooking the gardens. Cats
can move freely between their bedroom and run, and opaque screens between
the runs keeps each cat safe from intimidating looks from neighbours. The
gardens attract birds and butterflies to ensure the cats have plenty to watch
- including the odd chicken for dreams of big-game hunting!


Our rates are:

   £11 per night for a single cat with owner supplied food

   £15 per night for two cats sharing a double chalet with owner supplied food

   £16 per night for two cats sharing a two-bed suite

Addition of £1.50 per night per cat when the cattery supplies the cat's food.

Make a enquiry / booking via 07726 553 779 / 016973 49951
or We welcome visits from new clients so you
can view our facilities and services, and we can find out about the individual
needs of your cat. Please ring to book a viewing.

We are open for you to drop off or pick up your cat between 9-10 am and 6-7pm Monday to Saturday, and 9-10am on Sundays.

Vaccinations are a legal requirement for all catteries, to cover feline respiratory
viruses, feline parvovirus and feline panleukopenia. Your vet will advise as


The East Wing has four large chalets that can accommodate one or two cats, and one very large chalet for up to three cats. These are light and airy and best suited to confident cats who like to sit in the sun and watch the world go by. The West Wing has three double bedroom suites for either one cat, or for two sharing who appreciate separate bedrooms. These are more secluded chalets that catch the morning sun and are best suited to more timid cats who like to watch the world from a safe distance. We have one single chalet in the quiet corner of the West Wing suitable for very timid cats. And one stand alone chalet for cats who really do not appreciate having neighbours!

The chalets have raised bedroom(s) connected to their outside run by a pop hole. The bedrooms are insulated to ensure they stay cool in summer and warm in winter, and the outside runs have a translucent roof to keep the rain out but let the light flood in. Each bedroom has an infra-red heat lamp for your cat to bask under when the temperature drops. We provide a basket and soft bedding, but also encourage owners to bring something from home with familiar smells to help your cat settle in.


The outside runs have a private area for toileting and we use a deep litter of wood pellets - unless you cat has a particular preference for another litter - do let us know!


Each chalet overlooks the garden so the residents can watch the wildlife and the comings and goings of the chickens and humans. We do not board dogs, so there is no barking to alarm your cat.


As cats are sensitive to the stares of unknown neighbours, the runs have opaque screens between them, and these also act as "sneeze barriers" to prevent any disease spread between cats.

The cattery day begins around 8am with breakfast served, all animals carefully checked, and bedroom thermometers monitored. After arrivals of new guests or departures of old between 9-10am, we spend time with each cat, being "helped" to clean their chalet, replace water and add bowls of biscuits to nibble at through the day. Morning coffee might be taken with a cat for extra cuddles or play session. Cats are checked regularly throughout the day as we move about the farm, and dinner is served after any arrivals or departures between 6-7pm. A final check is made at the end of the day, ensuring heat lamps are on and radiating to the right temperature before bed.


All runs are thoroughly disinfected between residents, and daily cleaning ensures the runs stay fresh and comfortable for your cat. We are licensed by Allerdale Borough Council and work closely with their officers to ensure we offer the best possible service to our cat clients. Oh, and we do our best to keep our human clients happy too!

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