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DIY Livery Stables

Our small DIY livery yard is situated behind the house and is surrounded by paddocks of mixed meadow grass with mature trees for shade and hedges for protection from the wind. We designed the stables to provide for the behavioural needs of the horses, as well as their physical comfort and the convenience of their owners. All the paddocks have mains-supplied water troughs and permanent electric rope fencing or hedges. They are designed so owners can collect their horses from their paddocks as close to the stables as possible.

We currently have two stables to let - ring Emma on 07726 553 779

Loose boxes each have an integrated tack room for the horse's equipment and feed, including a full height lockable cupboard for secure storage of tack and equipment. The boxes are timber lined to chest height and allow full visual communication between neighbours. Three boxes allow full tactile contact over the dividing walls, and we use these for horses that get along well and appreciate the opportunity to groom each other.


Paddocks are sized for three horses and we turn out according to the best mix of horse compatibility and owner needs. All fencing is permanent, and the tubo-rope electric fencing is electrified from mains supply. Paddocks are harrowed and rolled in Spring, and we re-cycle the composted midden onto the fields to retain soil health without using artificial fertilizers.


Stable yard facilities include electric lighting and running water, and we have  a dedicated bay with an electric socket for clipping, any veterinary procedures, and to keep the farrier dry in wet weather! It also houses the kettle and functions as a warm spot for coffee on a cold winter's day.

Riding areas include a lunging corral with a wood chip surface, which doubles as a handy spot to contain a horse that needs to stay close to the yard. A grass arena provides a menage, and we have a variety of styles of jumps, and an "equigym" for in-hand work to supple and strengthen and build co-ordination.


Our rates are £95 per calendar month for each stable with paddock grazing (approximately one acre per horse). Hay and bedding are sourced separately. We do not provide any services for clients, but we are a small friendly yard and everyone mucks in to help each other out and to keep the place tidy.

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